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VAC Council Member Amy King

Amy Case King resides in Yucatan, Mexico. She began her medical cannabis activism and therapeutic application of the plant 15 years ago to help her uncle, a Vietnam Veteran, who suffered from severe alcoholism, PTSD, COPD and myriad other physical ailments. She is the widow of a deceased Navy Veteran, the wife of a retired Navy Corpsman, and the granddaughter of a Korean Army Veteran.

Amy is the founder of Delta 9 Mexico, a Mexican company dedicated to the advancement of science for industrial and medical uses of Cannabis sativa. Passionate about educating others on the medicinal uses of cannabis, she has extensively researched the historical use of cannabis, current scientific data of therapeutic applications and regularly attends educational cannabinoid conferences around the world. She has spent the past four years focused on the international scheduling of cannabis.

As a member of FAAAT (For Alternative Approaches to Addiction), she has attended and spoken on behalf of US patients at the World Health Organization, and the Expert Committee of Drug Dependence. She has worked intimately at the United Nations, Commission of Narcotic Drugs (CND), in regards to cannabis drug policy changes where the WHO recommendations will vote on.

She is a contributing author to CANNABIS & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Paving the way for the next decade in Cannabis and hemp policies. The report explains how the reform of hemp and cannabis policies can help to achieve the 2030 United Nations agenda for Sustainable Development.

Since 2018 she has worked as a registered Holistic Cannabis Practitioner. Holistic Cannabis Academy programs are approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals as part of its Advanced Specialty program.

Over the years, Amy has continued to work on the issues facing veterans. She is very happy to come together with the Veterans Action Council to provide safe and affordable access to natural medicine and alternative therapies for veterans.

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