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Open Letter to Rep. Blumenauer (D) OR

Honorable Mr. Earl Blumenaur

1111 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Dear representative Blumenauer,

Thank you for your letter to President Biden regarding his discrimination against Americans who use cannabis, and who have the nerve to want to serve their country. As veterans, we know all too well the minefield that is federal service, especially as it relates to cannabis prohibition. Indeed, a number of our council members have lost their military careers and healthcare benefits as a result of these discriminatory policies.

In your letter you mention attracting the best, most able among our citizens who heed the call of their government. We know something of this as well, having served with some of the best this nation has to offer. Furthermore, you ask the president what precedent his recent decision establishes. You ask what others will think, and how his actions match the stated objectives of his presidential campaign. We posit this is a clear message; the status quo is the only thing that matters -- regardless of who it hurts.

As veterans, we have some questions: In the eyes of our “leaders” is our military service null and void due to our cannabis use? Is the discrimination we face after having served our country justified? Are we not worthy of employment after making your enemies ours? After killing for you?

We have published a white paper entitled “The Green Paper” on this subject, and we submit it now for your edification. It is our hope this paper will provide you with the ammunition you require to put the cannabis debate to bed.


-The Veterans Action Council

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