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Open Letter to Rep. Joyce (R) Ohio

2065 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Dear representative Joyce,

Thank you for your public defense of Americans who use cannabis. We share the concerns you convey in your most recent letter to President Biden.

As veterans who use cannabis, most of us have had to risk much after returning home, including our security clearances, to find relief through a plant which is legally available in the majority of the United States. No federal employee should be forced to choose between their health and their employment. The actions of the Biden Administration are blatantly discriminatory, especially as it relates to medical cannabis patients.

The firing of employees from their jobs within the White House is a direct attack on the freedom of Americans, and their rights as citizens. Veterans, as a microcosm of society, hold service to our nation as a sacred obligation. After military service many endeavor to help further the experiment of this Republic.

Americans have been targeted and disenfranchised in this failed “war on drugs”, a declared war on the people of our country by the federal government. Equal protection under the law is the cry, and don’t tread on me the caution. We pray leaders in positions of authority hear us.

This policy and many others are an antithesis to everything we fought for, and represent as servants of our community. Considering the majority of states have produced legislation contrary to the current federal stance, the time for change has come.

With this change in mind, we submit to you our “Green Paper” which goes into detail on the concerns we have.


-The Veterans Action Council

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