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Shades of Entrapment

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

What’s worse than your adversary playing dirty pool? Your “allies'' helping them get away with it.

The Veterans Action Council is going on the record addressing discrimination against Americans who use cannabis, particularly federal employees. Specifically the federal employees, or potential federal employees, who were released from their duties within the White House due to past cannabis use. Adding to insult, the messages concerning cannabis use during the build up of the Biden administration.

We feel these people have absolutely been discriminated against, but just as important, the country is not getting the best people for the job. These candidates being released for nothing more than admitting past cannabis use will result in a less qualified staff. The American people have elected at least two presidents who admitted past cannabis use, it is apparent that they do not feel it negatively impacts job performance. Politicians grovel before us begging for votes, claiming that their cannabis use is not just forgivable, it shows their connection to the people. Yet, as soon they gain the power they want, they turn around and punish the very people who elected them to office. The hypocrisy is clear, and plain for all to see.

Lest we forget, these public servants were following directions, and chose the righteous path of telling the truth about their use of cannabis. Employees were encouraged to be honest about past use. These Americans were doing exactly what we should expect from our public employees, showing integrity. We see how that naïveté is pounced upon, and perhaps why intestinal fortitude is lacking amongst the majority of politicians on the Hill. It is with great disappointment that we watch these discriminatory acts lessen or even ruin someone’s earning potential, not to mention their reputation.

Americans from all walks of life have endured the opioid crisis in our country, but our veterans were hit particularly hard. Returning from combat, or separating after decades of service leaves many with the physical and mental scars of their service. These dedicated Americans were given a cocktail of pills with a laundry list of side effects, including suicidal ideations. Many of these citizens, veterans and civilians alike have turned to cannabis. Let’s be perfectly clear about this fact, thousands of people have testified that cannabis has saved them from the vicious cycle of opioid addiction, and suicidal ideations.

The best possible outcome for someone exiting the military is a meaningful, productive life after their service. Most of us seek employment that will drive us to reach our full potential, ideally leading into a career where we can simultaneously provide for our families. This is our pursuit of happiness. Policies punishing our public servants for putting their mental and physical health first, are counter-productive and inhumane.

As of today, 16 states have legalized cannabis for recreational use, and over half our country have medical cannabis programs. The United Nations has officially acknowledged the medical utility of cannabis, our Canadian neighbors have initiated their own recreational/medical programs, and our Mexican neighbors are doing so as well.

These United States should be leading the world in cannabis cultivation, research and scientific breakthroughs. Instead we find ourselves contending with rhetoric of old, while the world passes us by.

We invite you to join us this evening (4/2/2021) for our Roundtable breaking down the issue of discrimination against cannabis users. Check out our Facebook page for the live video at 1910 EST, or come back here to see the YouTube video when it airs tomorrow (4/3/2021).

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends."

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