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VAC Council Member Aaron pluff

Native to Central New York Aaron Pluff was a ward of the state and a foster child during adolescence. He managed to get accepted and graduated from Niagara University, with aspirations to make Super Bowl commercials for Budweiser. After 9/11, he enlisted in the Marines.

The teachings of Saint Vincent de Paul served Aaron well as an infantry small unit leader that saw combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2. Following military service, he worked in defense contracting for 10 years.

Aaron was entrusted by the United States Government and the United States Marine Corps, Engineer School to train and develop tens of thousands of America’s sons and daughters in as many as 7 different mission critical, Counter-IED related disciplines in 4 different formats on 3 continents. He has been recognized professionally & in popular media for his achievements and skills as a Professional Instructor.

After pivoting out of defense work, he worked as a Training Manager in the Behavioral Health industry, developing curriculum and training focused on compliance integration and operational efficiency. In his “spare” time Aaron has earned an OSHA (500) General Industry Outreach Trainer card, LEAN Continuous Improvement certificates and completed an MBA from Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management.

Mr. Pluff has devoted his life to his family and helping other veterans. His free time is spent working with the Veteran's Action Council and Veteran's Transition Support.

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