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VAC Council Member George Armstrong

George Armstrong is a Pennsylvania Medical marijuana patient, advocate, and veteran. He served from 1985-1993 in Fort Lewis, WA as a combat medic (91A) then as a physical therapy assistant (91J) at Irwin Army Medical Center in Fort Riley, KS. Upon leaving the military he returned to his hometown of Keeseville, NY, starting a veteran owned business with his brother in 2004. He was the GM/VP until its closing in 2015.

After George left his business he was placed on disability for several medical conditions/diseases. He was taking several pharmaceuticals that only seemed to make things worse. In 2015 he began using cannabis and weening off the pharmaceuticals. This life changing experience inspired him to become an advocate for medical marijuana.

Since then he has assisted Pennsylvania veterans for Medical Marijuana in getting many veterans doctor’s recommendations at no cost to them. He has been a leading advocate for his current home state of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, becoming a patient on day 1. He has traveled the east coast telling his story, educating patients and non-patients alike, fighting for the end of cannabis prohibition.

George is excited to bring his passion and experience to the Veterans Action Council working towards educating the masses on the effectiveness of cannabis in treating veterans in crisis and ending the stigma attached to our medicine and fighting to end veterans suicide; a crisis that takes 22 veterans every day.

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