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VAC Council Member Michael Krawitz

Michael Krawitz serves as Executive director of Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access [VMCA] as well as other board and advisory roles. After California's 1996 Proposition 215 Michael observed that cannabis used as a palliative adjunct pain treatment to opiates not only produced better pain relief but also significantly lowered the number of pain pills used.

Michael identified the emerging use of so-called "pain contracts" as a policy that would eventually make it impossible for patients to use cannabis as an adjunct medication and therefore lose any associated opiate overdose and suicide reduction. Leading VMCA, Michael successfully negotiated the first ever VA medical cannabis policy in 2010 and has since overseen the nationwide effort to add Post Traumatic Stress as a qualifying condition under state medical Cannabis access laws.

Recently Michael led an international team that ensured the Critical- Review process of the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence was in possession of all available evidence and in turn produced ground breaking and historic recommendations for change in the treaty status of Cannabis. Michael recently oversaw the final stages of the United Nations voting process on those WHO recommendations. The vote occurred on 2 December 2020 United Nations - Vienna, Austria and was successful!

Cannabis and Cannabis Resin have been removed from the Single Convention "most dangerous drug category". This change in international law is now circulating through the system.

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