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VAC Council Member Tony Landry

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Tony Landry, a Cajun from Louisiana , served 6 years as a Fire Controlman in the U.S. Navy 1988-94. Upon returning home, working, enrolled in night classes, raising a family, his service related injuries led to surgeries, pharmaceutical addiction ,alcohol misuse, loss of employment, relationships, depression.

Tony began use of cannabinol (CBD) to treat pain and soon created an advocacy group, Louisiana Veterans for Medical Cannabis, who were instrumental in adding chronic pain and PTSD to Louisiana medical cannabis law in 2018. Later that year, Tony and his wife Michelle relocated to Tucson, Arizona, while continuing activism in national, state, and local drug policy reforms.

After attending the 2019 Arizona Psychedelic Conference he experienced his first ayahuasca ceremony. Tony was able to end the old patterns of alcohol misuse and founded Decriminalize Nature Tucson as a platform to work on Arizona drug policy reforms.

Tony is eager to join VAC drug policy reform efforts to insure all citizens seeking relief from emotional and physical trauma have access to plant medicine.

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